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World’s First High-Speed Fuel Cell Vessel

World’s First High-Speed Fuel Cell Vessel

Norwegian clean-energy company TECO 2030 and builder Umoe Mandal are collaborating on a groundbreaking project to create the world’s first high-speed vessel powered by fuel cells, ensuring zero emissions.

The vessel, based on Umoe Mandal’s proven Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) Surface Effect Ship (SES) technology, features a multimegawatt fuel cell system for propulsion, promising a service speed of 35 knots.

Tore Enger, TECO 2030’s Group CEO, expressed pride in the partnership with Umoe Mandal, highlighting the submission of documentation to the Norwegian Maritime Authority for approval of the innovative design. This initiative aligns with the industry’s commitment to eco-friendly maritime transportation, addressing pollution concerns.

Selected in a 2022 competition for futuristic high-speed vessels, the project aims to construct and demonstrate a pilot by 2025. The Norwegian Maritime Authority recently received the documentation for an approval in principle application. While details on the concept are limited, the vessel is projected to have a 160 nautical mile range and accommodate 275 passengers.

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Utilizing Umoe Mandal’s CTV design principles, the fuel cell vessel can operate effectively in challenging ocean conditions, catering to the sustainable fuel trend and minimizing environmental impact. Upon receiving approval for the vessel design and hydrogen propulsion system, TECO 2030 and Umoe Mandal plan to collaborate with suppliers to secure final approval for the groundbreaking design.

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