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Winners of the IAPH 2023 Sustainability Awards

Winners of the IAPH 2023 Sustainability Awards

The International Ports and Harbours Association (IAPH) is a powerful voice for ports around the world. With over 177 ports and 147 port-related businesses in 84 countries as members, IAPH represents their interests at the highest levels, from the International Maritime Organization to the World Economic Forum.

Each year, IAPH holds its annual conference in a different member port city. This world-class event brings together key industry stakeholders to discuss the critical role of ports in global trade and to share best practices. One of the highlights of the conference gala night is the IAPH Sustainability Awards ceremony, which recognizes outstanding port projects that promote environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

In 2023, the IAPH Sustainability Awards received 86 submissions from 50 ports in 28 countries. Five ports were selected as winners, with four of them being first-time recipients.

Climate And Energy – Port Authority Of Santa Cruz De Tenerife For Port Zero

Tenerife Port ZERO impressed with its comprehensive approach to clean energy generation, circular economy practices, and shoreside power for docked vessels. This comprehensive programme sets a high bar for sustainable port operations.

Community Building – Puerto Dock Sud For Gender Equality Through Train For Work Programme

Puerto Dock Sud’s “Train for Work” program tackled gender inequality in the maritime industry. By successfully training women for skilled shipyard work, they increased the female workforce by 15% and paved the way for a more inclusive future.

Digitization – Halifax Port Authority For Def2

Halifax Port Authority’s DEF2 project earned recognition for its AI-powered platform that monitors and mitigates CO2 emissions in real-time. This innovative tool offers data-driven strategies for reducing carbon footprints and aligns with multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental Care – Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority For Marine Plastic Collection And Utilisation Network

Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority established Korea’s first marine plastic collection and utilisation network, transforming waste into valuable resources. By closing the loop on plastic waste, this project sets a commendable example for circular economy principles in port operations.

Infrastructure Innovation – Busan Port Authority For Recycling Of Aggregates For Construction

Busan Port Authority’s recycling initiative impressed with its 100% utilisation of recycled construction materials for a massive port expansion project. This resourceful approach minimises environmental impact while demonstrating cost-effectiveness and community engagement.

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Health, Safety, And Security Winner – Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority For Keeping Port Workers Healthy

Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority’s commitment to worker well-being earned them the Health Safety and Security award. Their expanded healthcare centre and follow-up programmes significantly improved the health of hundreds of port workers, setting a high standard for employee well-being.

The Akiyama Award – Fiji Ports For Pathway Towards A Smart And Green Port

The Akiyama Award is presented to the highest placed IAPH Sustainability Awards finalist runner-up from a Least Developed Country, a Landlocked Developing Country or a Small Island Developing State.

The award in 2023 went to Fiji Ports for their “Pathway towards a Smart and Green Port” initiative. Their commitment to sustainable procurement and green port development demonstrates remarkable leadership in a challenging environment.

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