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Water Solutions’ Odisea: A Marine Surveying Milestone in the Maldives

Water Solutions’ Odisea: A Marine Surveying Milestone in the Maldives

In the breathtaking archipelago of the Maldives, a remarkable transformation is taking place in the field of surveying and marine exploration. Water Solutions has held a pioneering position in reshaping off shore surveying in the Maldives for almost two decades since its establishment. Today, Water Solutions embarks on an extraordinary journey with the unveiling of their custom-designed, cutting-edge research vessel, RV Odisea—an innovative vessel that expertly merges state-of-the-art design with rugged construction. This exceptional vessel not only establishes a global standard in marine engineering but also represents the first of its kind to navigate the Maldivian waters.

Introducing: Research Vessel Odisea

RV Odisea represents a remarkable stride in elevating the surveying capabilities of the Maldives. Meticulously crafted and custom-designed to excel in high-quality data collection, this world-class survey vessel is a testament to cutting-edge technology and precision. Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, it offers exceptional stability and unparalleled versatility in the field. What truly distinguishes RV Odisea is its innovative design, tailored to perfection to meet the distinct needs of Water Solutions. This individualized approach underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

At the heart of the vessel lies the moon pool, a feature that plays a central role in the deployment of survey sensor payloads. Moreover, the vessel’s versatility extends further with the capability to carry out multiple sensor surveys through side mounting. It’s an embodiment of both innovation and adaptability, paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in marine exploration and data collection.

Stability in Dynamic Environments

In the domain of o shore surveying, where the vast and ever-evolving oceanic landscapes pose unique challenges, the cornerstone of success lies in unyielding stability. This crucial principle is at the heart of Odisea’s core design. Odisea has been thoughtfully designed around the concept of stability, distinguishing it from the traditional Maldivian vessels like dhonis and other boats. With its catamaran base and dual-hull structure, this innovative vessel provides the stability needed for underwater mapping and topographic surveys, surpassing the limitations of conventional boat-shaped vessels. While many survey vessels may resemble boats on the surface, Odisea’s design delves deeper, facilitating dynamic applications that enable precise mapping, advanced visualization techniques, and support for critical processes such as map creation, engineering projects, environmental analysis, and even recreational applications.

One of the most remarkable achievements for Water Solutions is Odisea’s substantial expansion of its depth capabilities, ascending from a modest 200 meters to an impressive 900 meters. This exponential increase in depth capabilities empowers Water Solutions to offer a comprehensive range of services, including Multibeam Echo Sounder Bathymetry Survey (MBES), Single Beam Bathymetric Survey (SBES), Side Scan Sonar Survey (SSS), Sub-bottom profiler survey (SBP), and Magnetometer Survey (MAG), alongside the deployment of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) and underwater robotics. This diverse service portfolio encompasses near-shore analysis, scrutiny of atoll basins, and the generation of high-resolution images suitable for both commercial and scientific applications. This remarkable enhancement in the survey vessel equips Water Solutions with the tools to explore the ocean’s hidden realms, offering a broader spectrum of services that transcend traditional boundaries and open new horizons in the realms of marine surveying and exploration.

Evolution of the Maldivian Marine Surveying Industry

The transformation of the surveying industry in the Maldives has been extraordinary. What commenced as a loose assembly of individual surveyors has steadily evolved into a more organized and structured landscape of company operations.

This shift was primarily instigated by the substantial investments necessary for the acquisition and maintenance of advanced surveying equipment, a transformation that ultimately paved the way for Water Solutions to establish itself as a prominent industry leader. Water Solutions’ strategic embrace of multi-beam technology, notwithstanding the associated higher costs, has brought about a revolution in their capabilities, firmly distinguishing them in the field. Water Solutions now holds a pivotal position as a primary data provider, serving a diverse clientele that encompasses not only the public sector but also internationally renowned dredging companies and private sector stakeholders.

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Their journey, spanning from 2005 when they initially relied on rented instruments and boats to the current status of custom-building their state-of-the-art survey vessel, stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and their unrelenting dedication to the ever-advancing domain of off shore surveying.

The Transformative Impact of Odisea and Water Solutions

In the perpetually evolving surveying industry, Water Solutions takes on their pioneering role with a combination of humility and pride. They are not only industry leaders but also dedicated to nurturing expertise in geology and geophysics among the next generation, as evident in their commitment to providing internships to emerging talents.

Central to their mission is a significant emphasis on mitigating the environmental impacts of large-scale reclamation projects, achieved through the use of mega Trailer Suction Hopper Dredgers for sand extraction from the atoll floor. The introduction of the new survey vessel, RV Odisea, promises to enhance sea floor mapping for sand search surveys, a critical step in reducing the environmental impact of dredging operations on the atoll floor. The arrival of RV Odisea and the relentless pursuit of excellence by the Water Solutions team have ignited a profound transformation in the surveying landscape. Their commitment to innovation, environmental stewardship, and less intrusive surveying practices not only expands their capabilities but also actively contributes to the nation’s progress and development objectives. As the industry advances toward greater automation and robotics, Water Solutions unarguably sets the gold standard for the sector and remains well-positioned to shape the future of marine surveying in the Maldives.

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