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Urbanco Partners with Big Hat Logistics for Major Project in Phase II

Urbanco Partners with Big Hat Logistics for Major Project in Phase II

Urbanco has partnered with Big Hat Logistics Pvt Ltd for their upcoming Seaside Oasis development project in Hulhumale’ Phase II. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize Phase II, introducing captivating features such as restaurants, park areas, and water sports facilities.

The Seaside Oasis development project holds the promise of fostering stronger community bonds, enhancing local tourism, and generating numerous employment opportunities. The framework agreement between Urbanco and Big Hat Logistics signals a significant step forward in the project’s execution, setting the stage for a remarkable transformation.

Big Hat Logistics is renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled quality service in international transportation. With a dedication to surpassing customer expectations, the company offers a comprehensive suite of services, extending beyond shipping to encompass airfreight, customs clearance, insurance, warehousing, and other essential logistics solutions.

The collaboration between Urbanco and Big Hat Logistics is anticipated to create a ripple effect. As the project takes shape, the community can look forward to a surge in business activities, economic growth, and a multitude of valuable societal benefits.

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