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UKHO to stop production of ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts (SNCs) by 2026

UKHO to stop production of ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts (SNCs) by 2026

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is planning to withdraw from global paper chart production by late 2026. The announcement made UKHO, aimed to increase focus on digital navigation products and services.

The decision to stop production of UKHO’s ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts (SNCs) and Thematic Charts are due to more marine, naval and leisure users using digital products and services for navigation. Digitalizing the charts and updating the ADMIRALTY Maritime Data Solutions digital navigation portfolio will also enhance safety of life at sea (SOLAS).

According to UKHO plan to stop the production of paper charts is phased with finally concluding the plan in late 2026. The plan will be a carefully managed process working closely with their customers, stakeholders all regulatory bodies and industry partners. Furthermore, UKHO will be developing official digital alternatives for sectors still using paper chart products.

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