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UAE Introduces New Rules for Container Charges Amid Transparency Concerns

UAE Introduces New Rules for Container Charges Amid Transparency Concerns

All maritime industry service providers in Dubai will have to declare their container charge tariffs to the Dubai Maritime Authority under a new directive.

The Dubai Maritime Authority (DMA), which oversees operations of ports, customs, and free trade zones in UAE, has issued a decree calling on all transport service providers to upload their container charges on its single-window digital platform, called “Dubai Trade Single Window Portal.”

The order took effect on 1st May and existing licensed stakeholders have 30 days to comply with the requirement.

According to DMA, the scope of local charges covers “any and all services provided in the Emirate arising out of or in connection with sea container operations, including but not limited to loading and unloading, weighing, handling, shifting within or between terminal(s), ports or inland storage facilities, storage, stuffing, destuffing, dunning, sealing, delivery, custom clearing or obtaining any government permits/licences/documents, surveillance, inspection, monitoring and repair, as well as cargo or container document issuance, delivery, exchange or amendment.”

After filing, service providers will not be allowed to increase their declared tariffs without obtaining prior approval from DMA.

“The maritime sector plays a significant role in enhancing Dubai’s business and economic value proposition,” Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, executive director of DMA, said in a statement.

Sheikh Saeed also noted, “The newly introduced directive is based on a thorough study we conducted as part of efforts to consolidate Dubai’s status as a global maritime hub, enhance the transparency and cost-visibility of local sea container charges, and ultimately boost the sector’s investment attractiveness.”

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He went on to explain, “Introducing the directive will allow us to analyse data submitted by service providers and determine whether they reflect commercial best practices and fair competition, which we are tasked with promoting in Dubai’s maritime sector.”

UAE is among the major importing countries of the Maldives, with MVR 753 million worth of goods imported from the country in March 2023.

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