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Two people dead in a speed boat accident.

Two people dead in a speed boat accident.

Two individuals were killed when a speed boat collided with GA. Villingili’s breakwater, during the night of 21st May 2022.

The speed boat was attempting to approach the harbor from the channel leading to GA. Villingili when it collided with the breakwater. Two people were killed in the accident, and their remains were discovered during a search. The two persons had already died before they were taken to the hospital, according to the authorities.


Villingili, Dhoores, Misbah Abdul Muhsin and N. Nilandhoo, Uraha, Mohamed Shafiu were deemed to be the two individuals. Five people were onboard at the time of the incident. According to the police, three of those who survived are currently being treated.

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The rest of the passengers’ health has not been revealed, but the police stated that they are working to bring them to Male’, and that one of them is currently on ventilator.

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