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Tugboat Fined MVR 20 Million for Dhiyaneru Reef Damage

Tugboat Fined MVR 20 Million for Dhiyaneru Reef Damage

The owner of the tugboat AM Adway, Dubai-based Middle East Marine LLC, has been fined over MVR 20 million for damages caused to the Dhiyaneru reef in K. Atoll.

Both AM Adway and the accompanying barge, Aaron, ran aground on the reef on September 23, 2023. A joint survey conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and surveyors appointed by Middle East Marine found that while the barge caused no damage, the tugboat impacted an area of 804 square meters.

The fine, amounting to MVR 20,246,600, was issued under the Environmental Protection Act and Middle East Marine has been given 30 days to settle the payment.

The Dhiyaneru lagoon, located near Malé, was previously considered for a yacht marina project that ultimately never materialized.

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