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Singapore Port Faces Congestion Chaos: Delays Up to Seven Days, Disruptions Mount

Singapore Port Faces Congestion Chaos: Delays Up to Seven Days, Disruptions Mount

Singapore’s crown jewel, the world’s second-biggest container port, is grappling with severe congestion. Berthing times have skyrocketed to a staggering seven days, with over 450,000 TEU (containers) stuck in limbo by late May. Normally, vessels wait a maximum of half a day, but the current situation paints a grim picture. There’s a silver lining though, with the backlog easing slightly to around 380,000 TEU this week.

Global port congestion data indicates that 6.8% of the world’s container fleet is currently impacted. PSA Singapore, the port authority, is scrambling to find solutions. They’ve reopened previously closed berths at Keppel Terminal to ease the pressure.

However, the ramifications are widespread. Vessel schedules are in disarray, equipment shortages are a growing concern, transit times have ballooned, and freight rates are climbing. Experts warn that the situation could worsen in the coming weeks as peak shipping season approaches.

To avoid the gridlock, some shipping giants are taking drastic measures. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has rerouted operations, opting for Indian ports for transhipment instead of the congested hubs of Singapore and Colombo.

The pain extends beyond Singapore’s borders. Other Asian ports like Shanghai, Qingdao, and Port Klang are feeling the strain as well.

Data confirms the dire situation. Daily waiting hours for container ships have spiked significantly, highlighting the worsening congestion. Additionally, the number of vessels waiting far outpaces the number being berthed each day, showcasing the port’s struggle to keep up with the influx.

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The root of the problem lies in the Red Sea crisis. Ships rerouted around Africa due to security concerns are returning to Asia behind schedule, throwing arrival patterns into disarray. This, coupled with the recent US tariff hike on Chinese goods, has triggered a pre-deadline shipping frenzy, overwhelming key transit ports like Singapore.

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