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Shifting Male’ Commercial Port to Thilafushi

Shifting Male’ Commercial Port to Thilafushi

The commercial maritime sector in the Maldives is in for a major change. The main commercial port is moving to Thilafushi, known as the industrial heart of the country. This shift, originally planned in 2013, is a change from the past focus on Gulhifalhu.

Boskalis, a Dutch company, is dredging 192 hectares of land, crucial for relocating the port and providing housing in Male. The project, with a budget of MVR 959.2 million, covers Gulhifalhu’s dredging and the main seaport’s development. It’s part of the government’s plan for the Greater Male Area’s port.

MPL’s CEO, Mohamed Vajeeh Ibrahim, stressed how important the new port is for expanding MPL’s services. Thilafushi, already a hub for MPL, will become the site for the international commercial port. This move will ease congestion and space issues in the current capital port.

The new government hasn’t shared all the project details yet. However, Mohamed Saeed, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, hinted that these details will come soon. Saeed also highlighted Thilafushi’s crucial role in developing the commercial port.

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As discussions finalize, MPL remains committed to moving the commercial port to Thilafushi, stepping away from plans for Gulhifalhu. This change promises a big transformation in the Maldives’ maritime sector.

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