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Qatar Airways Confirms Exclusive Mariner Lounge for Seafarers

Qatar Airways Confirms Exclusive Mariner Lounge for Seafarers

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Qatar Airways introduced its dedicated Mariner Lounge at Hamad International Airport catering specifically to seafarers and offshore workers during their transit.

Amidst the resurgence of both business and leisure travel, concerns arose within the industry regarding the lounge’s fate. Speculation surfaced, suggesting that the space might transition to accommodate high-paying business travelers.

Addressing these concerns, Nataraj Iyer, VP of Business Travel at Qatar Airways, affirmed during the Seatrade Maritime Crew Connect Global 2023 event in Manila that the dedicated lounge for seafarers is here to stay.

The lounge remains exclusively accessible to seafarers and offshore workers, strictly requiring appropriate documentation verifying their profession. Other Qatar Airways passengers or cardholders cannot utilize these facilities. Notably, amenities encompass unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi, showers, and a dedicated rest area.

Moreover, there is no time limit imposed on seafarers using the lounge, offering a reprieve and an opportunity to connect with family or loved ones during extended layovers between flights.

Guests can enjoy a diverse array of international comfort food, including delectable wraps and sandwiches. The lounge also offers an assortment of refreshing beverages and fresh juices while passengers await their onward flights.

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