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Perkins Engine: Most Preferred Marine Generator Brand of 2023

Perkins Engine: Most Preferred Marine Generator Brand of 2023

In a resounding win for quality and reliability, Perkins Engine has clinched the prestigious title of “Most Preferred Marine Generator Brand of the Year 2023” at the Maldives Boating Awards. The award was presented to Palm Tree Marine Pvt Ltd, its esteemed authorized distributor.

What sets Perkins apart is not just its illustrious 90-year legacy but the staggering 22 million engines that have powered this journey, an unparalleled testament to engineering excellence. This heritage forms the bedrock of trust for customers, assuring them of impeccable reliability and remarkably reduced noise levels across the extensive product range.

Marine engines from Perkins designed for auxiliary applications present a compelling proposition: a trifecta of low ownership costs, exceptional fuel efficiency, and competitive pricing for both engines and spare parts. The critical role of auxiliary engines in generating a vessel’s onboard electricity necessitates attributes such as swift ignition, minimal noise output, and low emissions.

For heavy-duty tasks like powering the intricate electric net haul systems of large fishing vessels, the dedicated auxiliary engines from Perkins outshine their propulsion counterparts by delivering the requisite extra power.

Palm Tree Marine Pvt Ltd, since its establishment in 1997, continues to elevate standards by introducing cutting-edge products to the Maldives. Their commitment extends beyond innovation, offering customers in the Maldives the opportunity to immerse themselves in state-of-the-art technology, be it in marine or industrial engines, alongside a comprehensive array of accessories and equipment.

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