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MTCC Boat Yard

MTCC Boat Yard

  • A Welcome Reprieve for Vessel Owners

Currently employing a workforce of over 3,745 employees across the nation, Maldives Transport & Contracting Company (MTCC) is one of the most reputable companies offering a range of services such as mega construction, dredging & reclamation, public transport, logistical operations, marine products, engineering and docking solutions. Their boatyard located on Thilafushi island is of special
note, this is an important support service for MTCC and the public, but mostly for MTCC which has the highest number of heavy machinery and vessels operating in the country. Having a state of the art well equipped boatyard with latest technologies has helped MTCC to ensure that its fleet of machinery and vessels are in great condition to conduct more than 70 ongoing development projects throughout the country. It is also a welcome reprieve for vessel owners all over the nation in the upkeep and maintenance of the vessels which are essential assets of their livelihoods.

Although the MTCC boatyard has been in operation since the 1980s, the current boatyard, one of the largest in the country, commenced its operations officially on 10th December 2017 at the north end of Thilafushi Island. Coupled with MTCC’s reasonable pricing policies, the opening of this revamped boatyard allowed vessel owners from all over the nation to seek a much reliable service in maintaining and repairing of their vessels. 

Intending to provide a one-stop solution for all docking and engineering services, the MTCC boatyard at Thilafushi has remained an invaluable asset for the Maldivian marine industry. Offering docking services for vessels of various sizes using boat hoists, cranes via duplex slings, slipways, boat trailers and airbag technology, the boatyard also offers a wide variety of complementing engineering services. The 200-ton boat hoist (one of the largest boat hoists in the country), gives the MTCC boatyard the capacity to service more than 20 vessels of varying sizes at any given time. For hauling in and launching larger vessels and barges (up to 500 Ton DWT, onto the boatyard’s slipway) high quality marine airbags are used, which are compliant to IS014409 standards. 

Apply for MTCC Boatyard Services 

For customers requiring information about the boatyard services, MTCC offers a dedicated hotline at 1650. Customers can get information regarding general queries straight from the hotline itself. If more information is required, the customer will be diverted to a technical professional from the engineering division to give detailed information about engineering and docking services. 

To acquire boatyard services, customers will need to complete a service form before a quotation is provided to them. After the quotation is approved, customers paying in cash will need to make an advance payment before they can bring their vessels in for docking. For credit customers, they can bring in their vessel for docking once the purchase order is raised, provided they have not reached their credit limit and have no outstanding payments. 

Services Provided by MTCC Boatyard

Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

The boatyard provides various engineering solutions such as diagnostic services, repairing, testing and maintenance of all types of electrical, instrumentation and automation systems. Furthermore, they provide refrigeration and air conditioning services where required. 

Marine Engineering 

A wide variety of marine engineering services are currently accessible at the dockyard including the repair and maintenance of marine inboard engines and related main and auxiliary equipment, together with engine installations, engine overhauling, oil changing, gear malfunctions, generators, pumps and steering systems and other services. 


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The welding services currently provided at the boatyard include various types of welding solutions such as TIG, MIG and ARC welding. They also provide welding services for structures, vessels and heavy vehicles and their main and auxiliary components on the site. Other services such as sandblasting, and painting of metal vessels are also provided at the boatyard. 

MTCC Boatyard is also one of the largest certified boatyard in the Maldives to offer underwater welding services, which can also be customized to the needs of the vessel owners. Furthermore, minor repairs can be made without the need for dry docking, saving valuable time and money for vessel operators. 

The welding team also offers a variety of services for non-vessel related needs of customers. These include metal fabrication of aluminium, stainless steel or mild steel structures such as trusses, fuel tanks, railings, base plates, bollards, excavator buckets and dump lorry tippers. 

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