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MSS Reveals Fleet Expansion Plans

MSS Reveals Fleet Expansion Plans

Ahmed Shareef, the Managing Director of Maldives State Shipping (MSS), recently disclosed the company’s strategic initiative to expand its vessel fleet. This move aims to address the anticipated surge in cargo demand coinciding with the new government’s substantial projects planned over the next five years.

In an interview with SSTV, Shareef articulated, “The upcoming government projects necessitate a heightened focus on cargo transportation. To meet this demand effectively, we are contemplating the expansion of our existing fleet while maintaining our operational efficiency.”

Presently, MSS oversees a fleet comprising five ships, with one under charter and the remaining four owned by the company. Of these, three vessels are dedicated to international cargo transport, while one operates on the Male’-Addu route.

Shareef underscored MSS’s noteworthy progress, commencing with a single chartered ship and evolving into a five-ship fleet within a commendable four-year timeframe.

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