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MSS Opal: A New Era for Addu Trade

MSS Opal: A New Era for Addu Trade

Maldives State Shipping (MSS) recently announced that its newly acquired container vessel, the MSS Opal, has arrived in Addu City, marking a pivotal moment for trade connections in the region. This cargo carrier, boasting a capacity of 105 containers and a deadweight capacity of 1,553 tonnes, is set to revolutionize the transportation of goods between Addu City and international markets.

The MSS Opal, equipped with its own crane, has solved the long-standing challenge of a lack of crane facilities at Addu City’s harbor, ensuring smoother operations and facilitating the efficient transfer of goods. Captain Mohamed Nazim, MSS’s Managing Director, emphasized that this vessel’s deployment will eliminate challenges in transporting goods, enhance food security during adverse weather, and create a reliable and cost-effective means of supplying essential items to the southern islands.

This news of the MSS Opal’s arrival in Addu City has generated enthusiasm among businesses and residents alike, as it marks a significant step towards strengthening the region’s economic growth and resilience. The vessel will make regular trips, departing for Addu City every ten days, with stops in Male’, Hithadhoo, and Kooddoo, facilitating the exchange of goods and connecting Addu City to global markets.

The acquisition of the MSS Opal represents a remarkable addition to MSS’s fleet and further underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing the transportation of goods in the Maldives. This development is set to benefit businesses and residents, revitalizing trade connections and supporting the growth of Addu City’s economy.

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