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MPL Introduces Sea-to-Air Transshipments

MPL Introduces Sea-to-Air Transshipments

Maldives Port Limited (MPL) announced a new sea-to-air cargo transshipment service, aiming to transform regional freight logistics. This initiative promises streamlined processes for businesses, with accompanying tariffs set at USD 654.13 for 20ft containers and USD 812.71 for 40ft containers.

“We identified high demand for faster exports using airlift for goods initially imported by sea,” said MPL CEO Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim. “MPL is pursuing this project to generate additional revenue.” He also mentioned ongoing discussions with Turkish Airlines regarding the service.

This novel sea-to-air service aligns perfectly with MPL’s commitment to providing accessible freight transport solutions via land, sea, and air. It presents a significant advantage for businesses seeking to optimize their regional supply chains.

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