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Ministry Urges Seafarers to Obtain Seafarers Identity Document

Ministry Urges Seafarers to Obtain Seafarers Identity Document

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation strongly encourages all seafarers on ships engaged in overseas voyages to obtain a Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID), in compliance with Regulation No. 185 of the Maritime Labor Convention. This vital requirement aims to enhance the safety and security of seafarers during their duties at sea.

The SID holds immense importance for seafarers as it serves as their official identification while working on ships that operate internationally. Specifically tailored to meet the provisions outlined in the Maritime Labor Convention, the document ensures the protection of seafarers’ rights and welfare throughout their employment.

This proactive measure will not only facilitate compliance with international regulations but also fortify the protection and rights of seafarers as they carry out their duties in the challenging maritime environment.

Seafarers who wish to acquire the Seafarers Identity Document are kindly requested to complete the SID form. Once the form has been duly filled out, applicants must submit the necessary materials as indicated in the form to the Ministry. The materials can be conveniently sent via email to

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