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Maldives State Shipping (MSS) Expands to Far East.

Maldives State Shipping (MSS) Expands to Far East.

Maldives State Shipping (MSS) formed in February 2020, is working towards keeping up the title of the company that revolutionized the shipping industry in the Maldives. With

Step by step MSS continues to strengthen its foothold in the Maritime sector in the Maldives. Started in 2020 with a chartered ship and in less than three years MSS is on track to increase their fleet to three ships of their own. They are: 

  1. MV. MSS Galena, a 680teu Multipurpose vessel. 
  2. 2- MV. MSS Chrome, a 43,000dwt Bulk Carrier and, 
  3. 3- MV. MSS Graphene, a 680teu Multipurpose vessel. 

Since April 2020, MSS had been operating a Feeder between Colombo and Male’ with a loading every 10days from Colombo. MSS also operated a general cargo vessel of 3700t between Tuticorin and Addu. Addu service was discontinued from 1st April 2022 due lack of demand. The Bulk carrier, MSS Chrome, will maintain a service between UAE and Male’. This vessel will carry mainly construction materials such as sand, aggregate and cement. Second container vessel purchased by them, MSS Graphene, will enter in to service between Singapore, Malaysia and Maldives. This new service will provide better connectivity between Maldives and Southeast Asian ports from where Maldivians import cargo. 

Connecting Singapore and Malaysia To Maldives

With the introduction of MV. MSS Galena between Colombo and Male’, percentage volume of containers handled by MSS had increased to more than 60% of the containers loaded from Colombo to Male’. MSS has been maintaining their market share ever since. 

Not long ago, there was at least one seafarer in almost every family in the Maldives until the tourists started showing up and tourism took over seafaring as the major industry in the Maldives. Shipping as well as seafaring almost died for Maldivians about a decade ago when Maldives National Shipping Ltd (MNSL) closed its doors forever. 

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With the formation of new shipping line, Maldives State shipping (MSS) in 2020, drums started beating in favour of those struggling Maldivian seafarers. According to MSS, seafarer shortages in Maldives is their biggest concern and they are trying their level best to tackle the problem by offering fully funded scholarships to qualified candidates. 

With the new developments at MSS, customers will be able to get connections from Indonesia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, etc. Consignees in Maldives will also find better solutions for the current delays at Singapore and Malaysia. 

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