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Maldives State Shipping Hit by Service Disruptions

Maldives State Shipping Hit by Service Disruptions

Maldives State Shipping (MSS), the country’s leading shipping company, is facing challenges due to unplanned service disruptions. These disruptions are causing delays in cargo deliveries and raising concerns among customers.

Rapid Growth, Now Facing Hurdles:

Established in February 2020, MSS has witnessed impressive growth within a short period. The company achieved profitability in the past two financial years and expanded its fleet to include three feeder vessels operating between Colombo and Malé, a bulk carrier, and a coastal container vessel.

Current Situation:

However, the company’s operations have been impacted by repairs to two of its vessels. MV. MSS Graphene has been out of service since April 2024, while MV YC Barrier, a chartered vessel, is undergoing repairs in Colombo with an expected return by June 17th, 2024.

Impact on Customers:

The single operational vessel, MV Galena, is struggling to handle the usual cargo volume. This, coupled with delays due to the southwest monsoon, is causing cargo pile-up in Colombo and raising concerns among customers who rely on timely deliveries.

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Importance of Schedule in Shipping:

The shipping industry thrives on maintaining strict schedules. Delays can significantly impact businesses and cause inconvenience to customers. MSS faces the challenge of regaining customer confidence by ensuring timely deliveries once its vessels are operational again.

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