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Maldives Sees 17% Growth in Cargo Clearance in May 2023

Maldives Sees 17% Growth in Cargo Clearance in May 2023

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has released the cargo overview for May 2023, highlighting the key statistics and trends. During this period, MPL successfully handled a total of 7,519 TEUs or 5,273 containers. Among these, 3,027 were 20-foot containers and 2,246 were 40-foot containers. The month saw the arrival of 16 conventional vessels and 18 container vessels.

In terms of daily operations, MPL averaged the clearance of 170 containers and 243 TEUs throughout May. These figures represent a significant increase of 14% in container clearance and 17% in TEU clearance when compared to the previous month, April 2023.

Notably, a variety of perishable items were prominently cleared during May. The list includes watermelons (24,605), bananas (10,908), pumpkins (2,449), pineapples (6,159), eggs (56,375), cabbages (12,622), onions (37,777), potatoes (21,465), and tomatoes (13,500).

These cargo statistics illustrate the robust activity and growth in Maldives’ maritime sector during the month of May 2023. MPL continues to play a vital role in efficiently handling a diverse range of cargo, contributing to the country’s trade and economic development.

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