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Maldives and UK Agree to Strengthen Port Security

Maldives and UK Agree to Strengthen Port Security

The Maldives and the United Kingdom (UK) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, aiming to enhance cooperation and strengthen ties between the two nations.

The agreement, signed by the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Aishath Nahula, and the Under Secretary of State for Aviation and Maritime Security at the Department of Transport in the UK, Charlotte Vere, focuses on bolstering maritime safety standards for international ports. Both countries will adopt a common framework for formulating and establishing regulations to ensure effective collaboration.

The MoU encompasses various initiatives, including the implementation of programs to support the development of technical expertise within the maritime transport industry. By providing cooperation and assistance in all areas related to maritime safety, both countries can benefit from the ISPS Code.

The areas of cooperation and assistance between the Maldives and the UK encompass visits to ports of both nations to ensure ISPS Code compliance. Additionally, they will conduct meetings, seminars, and workshops to address maritime safety and security issues while also aiding in capacity building.

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The agreement also allows for the exchange of cooperation on consultancy activities related to port security matters. Moreover, the UK will extend assistance to the Maldives in the formulation of maritime strategies, regulations, protocols, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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