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Maldives Allocates MVR 10 Million to Reclaim Lost Sea Territory

Maldives Allocates MVR 10 Million to Reclaim Lost Sea Territory

The Maldives government has earmarked MVR 10 million in the state budget for 2024. This allocation is specifically directed towards reclaiming lost sea territory resulting from a maritime boundary dispute with Mauritius.

During a session of the Parliament’s Budget Review Committee, Dhaandhoo MP Yaugoob Abdulla highlighted the allocation, specifying that the additional funds will bolster the budget of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). The AGO will utilize these resources for legal work concerning maritime issues tied to the demarcation of the Maldives-Mauritius sea area.

The committee granted approval for the AGO’s budget, inclusive of the MVR 10 million, specifically designated for addressing the maritime issues arising from the Maldives-Mauritius dispute. Moreover, the committee emphasized the necessity for separate votes on other pertinent issues.

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu affirmed the government’s commitment to regain the lost sea area, a promise articulated when the case was brought before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS).

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The current administration has diligently commenced work on reclaiming the lost sea area since assuming office. Ongoing research efforts are underway to prepare and strengthen the case in this ongoing maritime dispute.

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