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Malacca Launches $3.2B Maritime Transformation

Malacca Launches $3.2B Maritime Transformation

In a significant development for Malacca’s maritime sector, Kuala Linggi International Port (KLIP) has officially commenced construction on its groundbreaking $3.2 billion project. The ceremony, led by YAB Datuk Seri Utama Ab. Rauf Bin Yusoh, Chief Minister of Malacca, took place on January 23.

KLIP envisions establishing itself as a Green Global Industrial Hub for Energy Source, Port, and Maritime Services. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr Noormustafa Kamal Yahya, KLIP’s Executive Chairman, emphasized the project’s broader significance, highlighting its role in fostering progress, collaboration, and innovation within the maritime ecosystem.

The extensive construction plan includes the installation of LPG and LNF storage tanks, a shipyard, heavy industry fabrication yard, cargo handling area, wharfs, and warehousing facilities. Scheduled for completion in 2027, this project is not just a physical infrastructure development; it aims to stimulate economic growth and generate approximately 10,000 job opportunities.

KLIP’s venture is poised to reshape Malacca’s maritime landscape, positioning it as a key player on the global stage

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