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Maersk Resumes Shipping In Red Sea

Maersk Resumes Shipping In Red Sea

Maersk, after halting ship transit through Bab al-Mandab due to Houthi attacks, is now set to resume operations in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

The United States has officially launched a multinational operation aimed at safeguarding Red Sea commerce from the Houthis, who have been launching attacks on international vessels since the Gaza war outbreak. In response, Maersk confirmed the establishment and activation of Operation Prosperity Guardian (OPG), a multinational security initiative. OPG’s primary goal is to facilitate maritime commerce through these critical routes and potentially reopen the Suez Canal.

“OPG initiative is in effect, and we are preparing for vessel transit through the Red Sea both eastbound and westbound,” stated Maersk. However, the company emphasized that further details and potential alterations in ship traffic would be determined based on evolving safety conditions.

This decision comes as other entities, such as oil major BP, have also suspended transit through the Red Sea due to heightened safety concerns. The development highlights the complexities and challenges faced by maritime entities amidst the escalating tensions in the region.

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