Kulhudhufushi Port


Kulhudhufushi Regional Port (KRP) began operations on 5th December 2005. KRP is located on Kulhudhufushi Island, also known as the economic capital of the North. The port serves as a hub in managing domestic, inter-island maritime trade and distribution activities within the northern region. KPL plays an important role in supporting transportation of goods and merchant trade from the central capital Male’ to the northern area.  

Looking ahead, new plans are underway to develop the port to receive cargo directly from India, via the Cochin Ferry Link. Direct access to new Indian markets for perishables and other consumer goods is expected to make a positive impact on the island communities, while providing important commercial benefits to industry.   

The port offers equipment rental services for local businesses addressing the forthcoming of local owned cargo handling equipment. Among other benefits extended to customers clearing goods through KPL, free warehousing facility for a period of up to 10 days and 30% tariff concession are provided on all imported goods. The port has also recently inaugurated maintenance services for locally-operated speed-boats and is in the process of developing related industrial services to the logistics value chain.