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Israeli Tankers Attacked in Maldives

Israeli Tankers Attacked in Maldives

Two Israeli oil tankers encountered targeted attacks by unidentified drones while navigating the western and northwestern regions of the Maldives.

The attacks resulted in substantial damage through explosions, causing severe impairment to both vessels, according to reports from MEHR news agency and corroborated by Jordan News.

Initially charted to traverse the Bab al-Mandab Strait and the Red Sea, these oil tankers faced unexpected threats at a remarkable distance of 2000 km from the intended route. The Yemeni army’s previous warnings targeting Israeli ships in the Red Sea amid the Gaza conflict have raised speculation about the motives behind these incidents.

Following the drone attacks, both oil tankers were compelled to alter their course due to the inflicted damage and the looming threat of potential further assaults. Israeli officials have refrained from confirming or refuting these reports, citing ongoing investigations as the reason for their cautious stance.

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These distressing events occur amid a backdrop of escalating tensions and tragic human losses. Reports from the Gaza Strip reveal a devastating toll of 22,438 Palestinians killed and 57,614 injured in Israeli strikes since October 7.  

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