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MPL Revises Re-shifting Charges

MPL Revises Re-shifting Charges

The Maldives Ports Limited revises tariffs for express container services, container re-shifting charges, late-submission fees and mode of electricity charge for
consignees with multiple Bill of Ladings (B/Ls) in a Full Container Load (FCL). The following are more details on the changes:

  • Express Container Clearing Services have been revised (One-Day Prior, Same-Day)
  • Surcharge on moving unattended containers has been revised (Re-shifting Charges)
  • Charges for late submissions are being implemented.
  • Instead of charging per B/L, electricity will now be charged per FCL for Consignees who have many B/Ls in a single FCL Reefer Container under the new modifications.

These changes, which came into effect as of 1st January 2022, are intended to improve the quality of services at Malé Commercial Harbour (MCH), as well as to minimize delays and congestion created by express services and the frequent re shifting ofunattended containers. It is also envisaged that changing the way electricity is charged will save money for consignees who have many B/Ls to an FCL Container under their name.

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