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Introducing Self-driving Electric Boats

Introducing Self-driving Electric Boats

The future of boating is here, and it’s electric, autonomous, and made in Norway. Tech powerhouses Zeabuz and Evoy have joined forces to develop self-driving electric boats, promising a revolution in sustainability and efficiency for the maritime industry.

A Collaboration Born from Innovation:

Zeabuz, renowned for its AI navigation technology, and Evoy, the leader in high-output electric boat motors, have signed a historic agreement. Their goal? A state-of-the-art test vessel showcasing the potential of autonomous electric boats. Launching in summer 2024 on the picturesque Norwegian fjords, this vessel will pave the way for a cleaner, more efficient future of waterborne transportation.

Beyond Sustainability:

This partnership isn’t just about going green. By optimizing operations, reducing crew size, and enhancing safety, these self-driving electric boats aim to cut costs throughout a vessel’s lifespan. Imagine ferries gliding silently across the water, workboats operating with pinpoint precision, and leisure cruises offering unparalleled serenity – all without emissions or human error.

The Power of Two Titans:

Evoy’s electric motors boast unparalleled efficiency and power, while Zeabuz’s AI navigation ensures safe, reliable operation. Together, they have the potential to decongest waterways, minimize environmental impact, and reshape the maritime landscape entirely.

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More Than Just a Partnership:

This collaboration signifies a paradigm shift in the maritime sector. As the demand for sustainable solutions surges, Zeabuz and Evoy’s partnership stands as a beacon of progress, showcasing the transformative power of innovation. With their sights set on the horizon, these Norwegian tech giants are charting a course towards a cleaner, smarter, and more sustainable future for maritime transportation.

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