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Introducing Internship Programs for High School Students

Introducing Internship Programs for High School Students

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has unveiled an exciting opportunity for high school students in grades 9 to 12 through its brand-new internship programs. Designed to offer a firsthand experience of the professional world, these programs are crafted to equip students with practical skills while immersing them in diverse working environments.

Program Details

Duration: The internship spans 6 hours per day, running from December 24th, 2023, to January 4th, 2024.

Available Areas and Slots:

1 Slot: Graphic Design, Copywriting, Civil Engineering/Surveying, Architectural Drafting

2 Slots: Marine Section (Engine Repair and Maintenance), Machine Shop (Fabrication of Brass Impeller), Carpentry, Power Generation and Distribution (Electric and Electronic), HVAC and Electrical Services (Electric and Electronic)

Key Program Elements

Mentorship: Each student will be paired with a mentor who will guide them through foundational knowledge and skill development in their chosen field.

Classroom Training: Curriculum encompasses Business Writing, MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT), Communication, First Aid, and Fire Fighting to bolster students’ skill sets.

Career Guidance Session: Includes practical sessions on resume writing, mock interviews, and a unique opportunity to engage with MPL’s CEO and top executives, gaining valuable insights into their leadership journeys.

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Application Details

Deadline: Prospective candidates are urged to apply by December 17th, 2023, to secure a spot in this coveted internship program.

Application Process: Students keen on this enriching experience can access comprehensive information and application details on MPL’s official website or directly contact the internship program coordinator via

This unique initiative by MPL aims to cultivate the future workforce by nurturing young talent and providing them with an invaluable glimpse into the professional landscape. Interested students are encouraged to seize this exceptional opportunity to kickstart their journey towards practical skill development and insightful career guidance.

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