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Indian Cargo Crew Stranded in Maldives for 13 Months

Indian Cargo Crew Stranded in Maldives for 13 Months

An Indian cargo ship named “MV Puravalan 1” has been marooned in Maldivian waters for more than a year.

The crew, hailing from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, has been left stranded, despite pleas to the vessel’s operating company to disembark, as reported by Indian news source “Times of India.”

Reports indicate that crew members have not received wages during their extended stay on the vessel, which is anchored near the My Bandharu port in Malé, awaiting a journey to Tuticorin.

Efforts by the crew to seek release from the vessel have been met with resistance, and even the promise of additional crew members joining the ship has gone unfulfilled. Recent attempts to initiate the journey were hampered, and the crew’s situation garnered attention from Indian authorities.

Following legal action, the operating company has offered $1,000 compensation per crew member.

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Contrary to rumors of dwindling supplies, MD of Puravalan Forwarders Abdul Aziz assured that the crew’s basic needs are being met and that salaries will be provided. The firm blames the vessel’s predicament on a Maldivian Civil Court order. Reassurances have been given that the crew will soon be able to continue their voyage to India.

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