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Inching towards an IOR security net : 5th meeting of the NSA of CSC

Inching towards an IOR security net : 5th meeting of the NSA of CSC

The fifth meeting of the National Security Advisors (NSA) of the ‘Colombo Security Conclave’ (CSC) at the Maldivian capital of Malé will be noted for the induction of Mauritius as a full member, and the continuing observer status of Bangladesh and Seychelles, which in due course are expected to sign in. As it can be visualized, the carefully-crafted toddler steps from its commencement in 2011 has brought the multi-national regional arrangement this far, with a critical name-change from ‘Maritime Security Agreement’ to ‘Maritime and Security Agreement’, at the previous Colombo session in 2020, indicating future possibilities.

The four pillars of security cooperation (in CSC) include maritime safety and security, human trafficking, counter terrorism and cyber security.

Meanwhile, Marya Didi, in the inauguration session said that the Russia-Ukraine conflict was a reminder ‘of the need for closer cooperation among regional partners to avoid conflict and ensure security and stability both inside and outside our borders’.

The NSA is committed to working in close co-operation with its maritime neighbors and would like to build capacity through training, supply of equipment, upgrading coastal security installations, and exchange of information for unitedly countering threats.

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