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MPL announces amendment to Pilotage Tariffs and Tug Charges.

MPL announces amendment to Pilotage Tariffs and Tug Charges.

The Maldives Ports Limited have recently revised their pilotage fees for all vessels calling on the Male’ Commercial Harbour.

MPL has stated in a press release issued on 9th December 2021, that since they changed the pilotage tariffs back on 1st December 2020, they have been getting many customer reviews and complaints about the new pilotage tariffs and have therefore revised the fees after discussing the issue with those involved in the maritime industry as well as government bodies involved.

Moreover, MPL has stated that they have researched the current pilotage fees in the neighboring countries as well and that the new amendments brought to the pilotage fees will be more competitive with other ports in the region.

The changes brought to the pilotage charges means that pilotage fees for cargo ships and passenger lines coming in to the Male’ Commercial Harbour will be brought down by an average of 50% compared to before. In addition to that, the pilotage fee for Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) will be brought down by an average of 20%. The tug charges have also been revised according to MPL. According to them the fee charged for hiring tugboats will be reduced by 30-50%. MPL have also stated that they have brought some changes to other services as well. The full list of service fees that have been revised are given below:

  •  Pilotage fees
  • Shipping movement fees
  • Bodu kalhi anchorage fees
  • Inter-atoll pilotage service fees
  • Pilotage surcharge
  • Tug hire and surcharge

The press release stated that the changes have been brought into effect on 15th December.

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