Hithadhoo Port


Hithadhoo regional port (HRP), located in Addu Atoll, came into operation on July 2009. It is the second port developed by MPL and wholly owned by the state-owned Company, Hithadhoo Ports Limited (HPL). HRP is the main distribution hub in the southern region for containerized, general cargo. Equipped with adequate facilities, the port facilitates commercial cargo handling and storage-related services for businesses and industries established in the area.

One of HPL’s primary objectives is to eases logistics and transportation for businesses, ultimately result in lower costs to customers in the region. A tariff concession of 30% is provided on all import goods cleared from HPL to encourage cargo processing directly through the HRP. This reduces the overall cost of goods cleared through HRP, encouraging businesses operating in the region to ship their goods closer to the markets. The port also provides with free storage facilities for up to 10 working days to as an added incentive to use HRP, and minimize the cost of warehousing and double-handling through MCH.

HPL not only provides physical infrastructural facilities, but also operates in a safe and secure environment when handling customers’ goods. The port is constantly being developed in compliance with ISPS code to facilitate merchants with a sustainable port.