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Hithadhoo Port Celebrates 17 Years of Service

Hithadhoo Port Celebrates 17 Years of Service

It has been 17 years since Hithadhoo Regional Port (HRP), located in Addu Atoll, initiated its services. The port operations officially began in July 2009 and are owned by the state-owned Company, Hithadhoo Ports Limited (HPL) which is a subsidiary of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL). The port, which has a stacking capacity of 5400m2 and a warehouse capacity of 1725m2, initiated its services intending to ease logistics and transportation for businesses and lower costs for consumers in the region. 

The services provided by HRP include container handling; stripping and stuffing; cargo handling; and conditional warehousing services. HRP also offers free storage facilities for up to 10 working days and a 30% concession on imports through the port. While some expectations for the port are yet to be met, the port is constantly being upgraded to improve services. 

In this regard, the latest development is the project to develop HRP into Addu International Port. The project has already commenced and is expected to complete its first phase in mid-2023. 

HRP celebrated its 17th anniversary together with all its employees with a ceremony. The activities included a flag-raising event, whereby both the HRP flag and Maldives National flag were hoisted. HRP employees also had a tree-planting event on the occasion. In addition to this, a celebratory cake-cutting was also held by HRP employees.

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