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Hawks Becomes Newest Physical Bunker Supplier in Sri Lanka

Hawks Becomes Newest Physical Bunker Supplier in Sri Lanka

The Hawks Pvt Ltd, Maldives, with over 16 years of experience, has expanded its operations into the Sri Lankan market as the newest physical bunker supplier. With a proven track record of exceptional customer service and a diverse portfolio of innovative offerings, The Hawks is poised to enhance the bunkering options for ships visiting Sri Lankan ports, contributing to the growth of the maritime industry in the region.

The Hawks boasts an impressive portfolio including fuel supply, bunkering, construction, boatyard services, lathe workshop, bricks factory, tug boats, ferry and speedboats, as well as hotels. The company’s expertise extends across various sectors, establishing The Hawks as a leading business in the Maldives.

The Hawks operates state-of-the-art facilities, including a fuel storage terminal with a capacity of 30,000 metric tons and a floating storage capacity of 17,500 metric tons. Additionally, the company maintains a fleet of six ocean-going tanker vessels, including three foreign-going tankers, as well as fourteen supply barges, two tug boats, seven Gulf Craft speed boats, and a landing craft for bunkering and logistical services in the Maldives.

Having served as a reliable supplier of marine gas oil to bunker suppliers in Sri Lanka in recent years, The Hawks Pvt Ltd is committed to continuing its support to meet the demand of the marine and local industries. With a focus on expanding the horizons of the bunkering industry in Sri Lanka and contributing to the country’s foreign exchange generation, The Hawks has obtained the necessary license from the Ministry of Energy Sri Lanka. The company operates its bunkering business through JCT Ltd, Colombo Oil Bank, which serves as the bonded storage facility for marine fuels.

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By entering the Sri Lankan market as a physical bunker supplier, The Hawks Pvt Ltd aims to provide comprehensive fueling solutions, further bolstering the bunkering industry and facilitating the growth of maritime activities in Sri Lanka.

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