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FSM to add two new barges to their fleet

FSM to add two new barges to their fleet

Fuel Supply Maldives Private Limited (FSM) has revealed the addition of two new barges to their fleet to make operations more efficient. 

The two vessels are the remaining two from a 4 barge purchasing contract signed in 2019 between FSM and an Egyptian-based company. FSM received the first two barges last year. The two new barges with a capacity of 180,000 liters of diesel and 40,000-60,000 liters of petrol are currently at the Suez Canal and will reach the Maldives in 20 days, as reported by FSM Managing Director Mohamed Gasam. 

According to Gasam, there has been a significant rise in demand for fuel transportation services to the atolls, resulting in FSM renting a private barge to maintain operations. Gasim further added that The barge will be released once the two new barges arrive and FSM intends to replace the small barges in its fleet with larger vessels. 

Over a million liters of fuel are transported to different parts of the Maldives every day by the state-owned company. FSM currently faces challenges with timely fuel delivery to customers and the addition of new barges is expected to solve the issue. 

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