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Free Training: Discover Maritime Opportunities in Maldives

Free Training: Discover Maritime Opportunities in Maldives

The International Ocean Institute Ocean Academy Maldives is offering a free online training program on “International Maritime Transport and Opportunities in the Industry, with examples from the Maldives.” This initiative marks the 3rd program by the institute and is scheduled from December 3rd to December 14th, 2023, running from 20:30 to 22:30 hours.

Dr. Azmath Jaleel, a prominent maritime consultant in the Maldives, will facilitate the program aimed at providing comprehensive insights into the global maritime transport landscape. The training will delve into industry trends and real-life case studies from the Maldives, offering participants a deeper understanding of the essential components required for effective functioning within the maritime sector.

The program agenda covers a wide array of crucial topics, including an introduction to the maritime industry, various forms of maritime transport, infrastructure, technology, administration, regulations, and compliance. Additionally, participants will gain insights into global trade’s relationship with maritime transport, explore career opportunities, examine emerging technologies, and assess challenges and risks within the industry.

Participants interested in this informative program are encouraged to complete the online application form available here. For further details, refer to the program’s flyer here and brochure here.

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This comprehensive training program aims to equip participants with in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry, providing invaluable insights and fostering opportunities within this dynamic field.

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