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First Aid Ship Arrives in Gaza via New UAE-Led Corridor

First Aid Ship Arrives in Gaza via New UAE-Led Corridor

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the successful arrival of the first ship carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip via a newly established maritime corridor, according to Emirates News Agency (WAM).

The milestone delivery, consisting of 200 tonnes of food and relief supplies, marks a significant step forward in facilitating vital support to the Palestinians in northern Gaza. The initiative, named the Amalthea corridor, is a collaborative effort between the UAE, World Central Kitchen (WCK), and the Republic of Cyprus.

“The UAE is committed to mobilizing efforts within the Amalthea corridor to ensure the successful delivery of aid,” stated the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) in a press release. The Ministry commended the collaboration with Cyprus, WCK, and international partners for strengthening the humanitarian response in the region.

MoFA emphasized the urgency of addressing the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza. They urged a collective international approach to deliver aid “immediately, safely, unhindered, and sustainably” to protect Palestinian civilians.

The maritime corridor is a key component of the UAE’s ongoing efforts to increase the flow of humanitarian aid and commercial goods into Gaza. The country has previously delivered a total of 21,000 tonnes of urgent supplies, including food, water, and medical items, utilizing various methods such as airlifts, land transport, and now, maritime shipments.

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The UAE’s commitment extends beyond immediate relief. They have also launched sustainable relief projects and provided medical care through a field hospital in southern Gaza and a floating hospital stationed in Egypt.

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