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Dubai Empowers Traders with New Campaign

Dubai Empowers Traders with New Campaign

The Dubai Maritime Authority (DMA) has introduced an impactful “Know Your Rights” campaign aimed at reinforcing the consumer rights of Traders and Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCOs) within one of Dubai’s pivotal sectors.

As the regulatory entity overseeing all facets of the emirate’s maritime domain, DMA is unwaveringly dedicated to safeguarding consumer interests. The recently launched Maritime Consumer Rights campaign reflects this dedication and is slated to unfold over the forthcoming months.

In a statement, Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, the Executive Director of DMA, explained the campaign’s intent: “Our new Maritime Consumer Rights initiative is designed to reaffirm and underscore the rights of Traders and BCOs, ensuring they are well-informed about their privileges and safeguards within Dubai’s world-renowned maritime ecosystem.”

Underpinning their proactive approach, DMA’s efforts encompass not only enlightening consumers about their rights but also fostering awareness about the channels available to address concerns or raise issues, thereby enhancing the connectivity between the regulatory body and its stakeholders.

In the upcoming months, the DMA will engage directly with BCOs to elucidate their rights, coupled with hosting a series of virtual educational workshops to arm them with essential knowledge and insights.

Sheikh Saeed further expounded, “By endowing Traders and BCOs with pertinent knowledge, we empower them to make prudent decisions aligned with their best interests. The launch of this campaign is a testament to our belief that comprehensive consumer protection policies, laws, and regulations form the bedrock of ethical business practices.”

He went on to emphasize the intrinsic link between consumer confidence and the sector’s growth: “Fostering enhanced consumer confidence invariably serves as a catalyst for the continual expansion of Dubai’s maritime sector, solidifying its global leadership position.”

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