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Advance Your Maritime Career with Remote Courses by World Maritime University

Advance Your Maritime Career with Remote Courses by World Maritime University

The World Maritime University (WMU), the educational institution founded by International Maritime Organization in 1983, offers five maritime programs for distance learning.

Distance learning programs are designed to offer flexibility to meet the educational needs of maritime professionals, organizations, and administrations around the world. Hence, Maldivians who wish to develop their careers in these fields can learn without leaving the country.

Marine Insurance Law & Practice (Postgraduate Diploma)

This long-established program was comprehensively updated and revised for students joining in 2020, to offer an outstanding academic foundation for professionals in the marine insurance industry. Practitioners are empowered to develop their expertise and their careers, and those professionals planning to move into the field of marine insurance are offered a thorough understanding of this sector of the maritime industry.

Maritime Energy (Postgraduate Diploma)

The program equips maritime professionals with technical and socio- economic-environmental knowledge relating to IMO’s regulations on air pollution and potential mitigation measures to achieve a low carbon and energy-efficient maritime future. It is designed for people with a technical profile (e.g. naval architects, deck officers and engineers, surveyors etc.) as well as professionals with backgrounds, such as ship operators, superintendents, port and shipyard managers and other maritime professionals.

Graduates of the program join WMU’s global network of maritime professionals who are experts in their fields and working towards sustainable development and excellence.

Maritime Welfare (MARI-WEL)

It is the first program of its kind that delivers a comprehensive overview of topics and issues related to seafarer welfare, bringing together world-leading experts on seafarer rights, maritime regulations, and welfare issues. 

MARI-WEL is designed to meet the needs of anyone who works with or interacts with seafarers, both onboard and on shore. This includes ship management companies, crewing agencies, port chaplains, welfare providers, or anyone with an interest in the welfare of seafarers. 

International Maritime Law (LLM)

This LLM provides an advanced understanding of a specialist area of maritime law and enables practitioners in both the legal field and maritime industry to enhance their career prospects. It improves students’ research and independent study skills as well as the ability to develop substantiated critical argument. It is open to students who have successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma in International Maritime Law and who hold an LLB (or equivalent) degree.

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Executive Maritime Management (Postgraduate Diploma)

First offered in 2015, this program has been designed to provide a “boot camp” for managers. It is continuously updated to address issues of critical importance in the maritime industry across its operational, technical and commercial aspects.

The program is delivered in association with DNV, the world’s largest ship and offshore classification society. DNV’s Maritime Academy provides an extensive portfolio of training courses for the maritime industry. With their global network they can exploit best practices and offer comprehensive training programs.

Learn more about distance learning programs by World Maritime University here.

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