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Addu Receives First Shipment of Perishable Goods Directly from India

Addu Receives First Shipment of Perishable Goods Directly from India

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) announced the arrival of the first ship carrying perishable goods directly from India to Addu City yesterday. This marks a new chapter in collaboration between MPL, Hithadhoo Regional Port, and Indian shipping companies to deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, onions, garlic, and eggs directly to Addu residents.

The ship, which docked at Hithadhoo port at 8:00 pm, signifies the beginning of a potential bi-weekly service. MPL CEO Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim highlighted the importance of this initiative: “This will result in significant conveniences for the people of Addu. Instead of shipping goods to Male’, shipping directly to Addu will bring down costs. Addu can now get fresh vegetables and fruits.”

However, the frequency of the service hinges on demand from Addu businesses. “A ship needs to have a certain amount of cargo on board to go to Addu,” explained Wajeeh. MPL plans to meet with Addu businessmen to ensure the service’s sustainability.

The establishment of this route is also a result of enhanced security measures at Hithadhoo port, implemented to address concerns raised by Indian shipping companies. Wajeeh emphasized the long-term vision: “Addu port can be developed when international ships dock there on a regular basis, and the aim is to increase economic activities in the region.”

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Residents of Addu can look forward to fresher produce and potentially lower costs, while the port itself has the potential to become a hub for economic activity in the future.

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